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Student Expectations


Students must attend in order to maintain active enrollment. If a student misses four classes in a row, they may be dropped from their class roster. After a student is dropped from class, students must re-register and pay the registration fee in order to be re-enrolled.

class resources stay in class

Books and class materials are not to be removed from the classroom at any time. Students will be dropped if they remove books or class materials.

No Smoking/No Drugs

This is a smoke-free, drug free campus. You may not smoke on or near campus. Students smoking, using, or under the influence will asked to leave immediately. This campus serves students age 0-adult: there is no prescription that covers using on school grounds.

professional attitude

Stay focused on school work; put cell phones away, and keep socializing to a minimum. Come prepared with materials necessary for class. Avoid drama, disruption, disrespect, immaturity, and foul language.

data sharing

Alameda Adult School may share student information with regional adult education partners that provide educational programs, and career training and placement services.

No Visitors

No visitors in class. No exceptions.

Violating student expectations

Students violating any of these policies may be withdrawn from classes with no refunds. If you are having trouble meeting any of these expectations, talk with your teacher, counselor, or administrator. We can help connect you to services like drug/alcohol counseling, family support services, and tutoring.